Copywriting for HuskyTHON

As the largest student-run philanthropic organization in Connecticut and as a top-ten Dance Marathon in the country, HuskyTHON has seen incredible growth over the years. At it's finest moments, HuskyTHON was far from being just another student organization. It was a highly functioning and efficient team, producing tangible results.

In my position on the Management Team for two years, I had the opportunity to write much of the copy for HuskyTHON. Here are some selections.

April Fools

Every great organization has to have some fun for April Fools, right?

Well, the HuskyTHON Management Team thought so. We're a fun and creative bunch, so we thought a light-hearted April Fools joke would be well received by our University community. It wasn't. Lesson learned: be very careful with jokes when you're running a philanthropy.

Regardless of how the joke was (not) received, I was charged with writing the copy for the little note we posted to the homepage of our site. Take a read:

Engaging Web Content

As a student-run organization, it was very easy for HuskyTHON to get wrapped up in our own cause. As a Management Team, we knew what we were raising for, but a critical point is making sure that those we're recruiting get it too. In my position, I was responsible for writing all of the Organization's content. It was to be lighthearted, focused, and impactful. 

This "Dance" page of our website was intended to have high conversions for sign-up. Convincing college kids to give up their weekend of partying and drinking to stay standing for eighteen hours and fundraise for a hospital is not an easy task. Every image on this page was intentional and targeted at our audience, and the copy was meant to be exciting and worth reading.

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