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Everything is a cult

So take everything you see and hear with a giant grain of salt. When they start touting numbers, put them in perspective. The devil is in the details, never mind outright lying.

November 16, 2022 music

Little rules about big things

Morgan Housel:

Nothing too good or too bad stays that way forever, because great times plant the seeds of their own destruction through complacency and leverage, and bad times plant the seeds of their own turnaround through opportunity and panic-driven problem-solving.

His new book on personal finance isn’t too bad, by the way.

October 11, 2022 list advice money

Tennessee Beach

October 10, 2022 phlog bikes

When the Money’s Just Too Damn Good

Nat Eliason:

But if I get through that part, sometime around mile three or four, it clicks. I know this is how the mental cycle of running plays out, but I have to endure it every time. Knowing what’s coming helps me get through the suck though. It just took a lot of runs to realize.

July 18, 2022 advice life running

How San Francisco Became a Failed City

San Francisco

Living in a failing city does weird things to you.

Anyone offended by the sight of the suffering is just judging someone who’s having a mental-health episode, and any liberal who argues that the state can and should take control of someone in the throes of drugs and psychosis is basically a Republican. If and when the vulnerable person dies, that was his choice, and in San Francisco we congratulate ourselves on being very accepting of that choice.

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