Hi, I’m Michael.

Born & raised in Brooklyn, but live in San Francisco where I no longer compare everything to New York.

I’ve been in operations & leadership roles at a handful of startups turned large companies. I enjoy building the teams, cultures, and operating systems that shape how people work and enable them to build great products.

On the personal side, I enjoy riding bikes with friends, drinking coffee, and reading stories on the internet about people, health, technology, design, transportation, cities, and privacy.

Most recently: First Round.

Previously: led operations at Levels, built central support teams at CloudKitchens, changed the way people move around cities at Uber, and was the intern on Team GroupMe.

More work here.

I’m @miz on the internet, but more active on Strava than Twitter these days.

You should send me an email if you want to say hello. I’m miz@hey.com.

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